Backpack- Osprey Aether 85- Real Life Review

Osprey Aether 85 real life review:

Fully loaded Osprey Aether 85 on the Vivian Creek trail, San Gorgonio 62lbs, super steep grade, and it was fine.


  • This pack is absolutely massive holds almost anything you can throw at it
  • Packs extremely well, and just as important, it unpacks easily on the trail with the front J zipper
  • Molded hipbelt means it can be custom formed to your waist
  • You can also change the hipbelts out. There are 2 sizes- Medium and Large
  • Side pockets have easy access while on your back-water, snacks, headlamp etc
  • Suspension system works well, and keeps air cicrulating on your back-less moisture on back
  • Freaking super adjustable, tons of sinch straps
  • Removable day pack- fanny pack, perfect for food storage and removal for tent
  • Hydration pocket for a bladder, with strap to keep bladder extended
  • 2 Ice axe loops and the quick release for these works amazing
  • Quick stow away and release for hiking poles works equally well
  • Divider in pack for sleeping bag works well at bottom (wrap in plastic bag  if there is moisture)
  • Sinch straps at bottom to carry rope, sleeping pad or anything else you wish on the exterior
  •  Multiple accessory locations, loops, clips, straps
  • Stretch pocket on front provides easy access to items you wish to keep handy

Hardly feel the Osprey Aether 85 on me, fully loaded, 62lbs

Why choose this pack?

Simple, all of the above reasons! The Osrey Aether 85 is so easy to load and carry. Some packs feel like you’re carrying a person back there. Remeber when you were a kid, and you tried to give someone bigger than you a piggy back ride, how off balance you were, falling forward, backwards to the side. Not only that, but they were always wiggling and wrenching on your hips and back as they wraped themselves around you in that super uncomfortable , I’m 3 feet off the ground but by gosh I’m taking you down with me if I fall kind of way….

The Osprey Aether 85 doesn’t do that. Actually, it hardly feels like it is there at all, until you bend over and have to lift yourself up again. I am an avid mountaineer, trekker, hiker and out of the packs I have used, this is by far the best I have used for the price. I have used this for overnight hikes, multiple night hikes and week long adventures. It serves well on all accounts. It is also really easy to clean once home, if you keep it clean, I swear this sucker will last forever. It is pretty bulletproof for what I have put it through-Snow, ice, dirt, etc and no issues.  It is also easy to load up onto the shoulder on your own. Some packs it can be awkward, like swinging a wiggly pigmy up there. Not the Osprey Aether 85. It goes on like velcro, and then sinches home in 3 to 4 pulls.


  • Big for one night, and leaves you with the temptaion to overpack (Good training)
  • A lot of straps that can dangle, (use velcro or wrap them to keep out of your way)
  • Everyone else will be jealous of your pack!

Click here to Visit Osprey Packs Official Website

Click here to see other users reviews at REI

Hope you find this helpful,

Happy trails,

Philip Sneyd

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